AEM 2018

Faith Events



Hip Hop Event

Hip Hop for Philly is a month long youth program during AIDS Education Month. Hip Hop for Philly consists of public testing events at parks and recreation centers. It culminates in our annual Hip Hop for Philly concert.

Opening Event

This is an event consisting of conversation, memories, and a recommitment to the work that we strive to do. At this event we present the annual Kiyoshi Kuromiya Award for Prevention, Treatment, and Justice to individuals who are examples of community change.

Prevention Event

End AIDS: The HIV Prevention and Outreach Summit is a program part of our 24th annual AIDS Education Month. This year’s Prevention Summit will provide the latest information about research, evidence-based HIV prevention, outreach strategies, and best practices.

Resource Guide

Learn more about resources for HIV/AIDS with the Greater Philadelphia AIDS Resource Guide! The Resource Guide is searchable online, and you can download a printable version through the AIDS Library website. Click below to learn more!

Community Presentations

Bring AEM to your agency, school, place of worship, or community group with FIGHT Community Presentations! FIGHT peer educators and trained staff offer Community Presentations throughout June. Click below to learn more about Community Presentations!


Want to help out with AIDS Education Month? FIGHT works with hundreds of volunteers in the fight against HIV/AIDS before and during AEM! Click below to sign up to volunteer as an individual, or to learn more about volunteering with a group.