Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

In the United States, over one million people are living with HIV/AIDS and one in four doesn’t know their status. In Philadelphia, the rate of HIV cases is nearly five times the national average. We can stop these infections from occurring with increased awareness, accurate HIV Information, and access to resources.

We need YOU to get involved!

Check out the get involved page for a list of ways to participate in an incredible month of educational events.

There are many ways to get involved in the FIGHT!


AEM takes place throughout the month of June starting with the Opening Reception and Award Ceremony and closing with the Community Cookout with many events in between. Check out the events calendar!

It takes place throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area. Each event has its own location. Check out our Calendar of Events to find out which events are taking place where.

How to Get Involved Questions

Thank you for your interest! Please contact Chip Alfred, Manager of Communications, PR, and Events.

Thank you for your interest! Please contact Jennifer Wright, AIDS Education Month Content Coordinator, for more information.

Planning Committees are one of the most important components to the content development and shaping of AIDS Education Month. Committee members are comprised of community members and people from local organizations who attend regular meetings and help make decisions that affect the outcome of what happens in June.

Each committee has a different meeting time and location and a slightly different set of guidelines. Please fill out this form and a member of our AIDS Education Month Team will contact you with more information.


Everyone is welcome! All ages! Anybody can join, anytime! Unlike many other choirs, there are no auditions, and no prior experience is necessary.

Rehearsals take place once or twice a month, depending on how many performances the choir has coming up.  They take place on Fridays from 6PM-8PM at True Gospel Tabernacle in South Philadelphia, 16th and Mifflin Streets.

Evangelist David Winslow, the Music Director, leads the choir in Contemporary Gospel. Everyone gets copies of the songs that the choir sings, so if you are able to learn the songs in time for the choir’s upcoming performance, then you can perform.

For more information, please call Mildred Lewis at 215-985-4448 X118.

The purpose of the faith-based events during AIDS Education Month is to confront HIV/AIDS and to equip these community leaders with the tools to promote HIV preventions, testing and linkage to care in their daily work. Through these methods, people living with HIV/AIDS  (PLWH/A) can begin to more fully heal.

For those living with HIV/AIDS who are part of faith communities, they need to not only feel accepted by their friends and families, but also by their places of worship. Yes, taking medicine regularly can help PLWH/A live long, productive lives, but if their spirits aren’t healed, then they will not heal.

Registration Questions

Nope. All AEM events are FREE! Isn’t that glorious?

1) Call our registration hotline at 215-985-4448 x200
2) By paper registration form which is available at all Philadelphia FIGHT locations that you can fill out and hand to a staff person:

Philadelphia FIGHT: 1233 Locust St., 3rd Floor

The AIDS Library: 1233 Locust St., 2nd Floor

The Jonathan Lax Center: 1233 Locust St., 5th Floor

Institute for Community Justice (ICJ): 21 South 12th St., 7th  Floor

1) Online

2) Paper Form in English [PDF] or Paper Form en español [PDF]

3) By phone: 215-985-4448 X200

4) By email:

A few of our events are invite only. These few events are meant to be small, intimate, and for a specific community so those members can build bonds among themselves. If you heard about it, then that means you’re part of that community and may be eligible to attend. Contact Shameika Black, our AIDS Education Month Coordinator for more information: 215-985-4448 X254.

There are some events that based off our experiences we have deemed exempt from preregistration so no worries! Just show up at the indicated time to reserve your spot! We’ve never reached maximum capacity at a venue and have had turn people away.

There is no special registration for people seeking CEUs, but there will be a special check in at registration on the day of events. In the Spring, we apply for CEUs for LSWs and LCSWs, RNs, and CHES. Each time we have applied, we have been approved. Details about CEUs for 2014 will be announced shortly.

Yes! The advantage to registering online is that it will make your check-in at the registration table on the day of the event quicker, but it is not required.

It’s a CAPTCHA. We know! We don’t like it either—at all, but with SPAM in abundance, we need to protect our systems. Asking you to fill out the CAPTCHA means that you’re helping ensure that we don’t get hit with massive amounts of SPAM which could shut down our site and take days or weeks to fix. So THANK YOU! We really appreciate your patience with this.

If the CAPTCHA’s got you down, you can call our AEM registration hotline at 215-985-4448 x200 or email us at with your name, address, and phone number and we’ll register you for you!