Faith-Based Resources

Rev. Dr. W. Wilson Goode Sr., Keynote Speaker at the Faith Leaders & Community Summit, 2012

The purpose of the faith-based events during AIDS Education Month is to confront HIV/AIDS and to equip these community leaders with the tools to promote HIV preventions, testing and linkage to care in their daily work. Through these methods, people living with HIV/AIDS  (PLWH/A) can begin to more fully heal.

For those living with HIV/AIDS who are part of faith communities, they need to not only feel accepted by their friends and families, but also by their places of worship. Yes, taking medicine regularly can help PLWH/A live long, productive lives, but if their spirits aren’t healed, then they will not heal.

We’re excited to be launching this new portion of the website and look forward to developing a robust place for faith leaders and congregants to look for inspiration.

The following idea was born out of Philadelphia FIGHT’s Annual World AIDS Day Prayer Breakfast and came in the form of a place card at each person’s place setting.

Why don’t you:

  • Light a candle in your window and have a moment of silence for the healing of AIDS & other chronic diseases
  • Hand out educational/informational resources
  • Host a prayer vigil for those impacted by HIV/AIDS
  • Invite persons living with HIV/AIDS or a speaker from an AIDS Service Organization to speak before your congregation
  • Host a health fair & include HIV/AIDS information & testing
  • Host a poetry slam for youth & invite local artists to perform HIV/AIDS inspired poetry
  • Establish a health ministry within your faith-based institution

Need help getting started?

Contact Rev. Dr. Calenthia Dowdy, Director of Faith Initiatives at Philadelphia FIGHT: 215-985-4448 x253